About Me:

I help people to "See (and FEEL) Things Differently...

My name is Regina Olive, Owner/Founder of the Holistic Wellness Company We Can, We Will, We Must, Positive Mindset Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and YOUR Energetic Healing Facilitator.

I help people to "See (and FEEL) Things Differently"~

As your Coach, I DEDICATE myself to asking the (sometimes difficult) questions that will help you uncover the hidden truth about how you ended up where you are right now and what it's going to take for you to get to where you want to go.

Our thoughts create our beliefs and our beliefs ARE creating our reality...

Unless and until we are WILLING to change the way we think, our reality WILL remain the same.

By gently digging through old stories and thought patterns, I CAN and WILL uncover the truth about what beliefs are keeping you Sick, Stressed, and Stuck.

I assist my clients by transforming their “problem areas” with re-framing and a more Positive thought process which, in turn, helps to change beliefs, which changes behavior, which changes circumstances, which ultimately changes Your Life!

What makes me unique as a Coach is that, additionally, I am a Reiki practitioner so I also have the ability to assist you in Re-calibrating your Energy System and Balancing your Chakras which is often overlooked, but can be a VERY significant part of the equation.


My intuitively led Coaching sessions also incorporate a strong focus on the Dynamics of the Mind, Effective Communication, Physical Health, and Law of Attraction. 

Nurturing your Mind, Body, AND Spirit is my #1 priority because I truly believe that when the 3 are functioning in balance with one another there is no limit to what we can Do, Be, and Have!

My core MISSION in building this business is to ELEVATE HUMANITY  by EMPOWERING others to: 

  1. Find the COURAGE to do the DEEP WORK necessary for lasting change.
  2. SHIFT their Energy & Mindset by remembering to FOCUS on the Positive.
  3. RECOGNIZE the "Dichotomy of Life" by becoming keenly aware of the vast differences between our Human Mind and the Spirit that resides within.

I want Everyone to understand that we ALL have the power to Co-Create a life of PEACE, FREEDOM, and JOY for ourselves!

PEACE in understanding that Life is ALWAYS happening FOR us and NEVER "to us"~

FREEDOM in the sense that we do not have to be bound and conform to what society says that we “should be” but rather have the ability to REMEMBER and act as the person that we were CREATED TO BE~

JOY in noticing every "Present moment"  while feeling into ALIGNMENT with “Source Energy” and the desires of our highest Self. 

We are ALL so much stronger and more capable than we give ourselves credit for.

When we find our way back to a place of Self Love and Acceptance, we CAN and WILL begin to embrace that we ARE worthy of everything that we desire in life and begin to make changes in accordance with that belief.

Committing to shifting our Mindset is the most important, honest, and sometimes uncomfortable, work that we will ever do for ourselves.

If we can find the COURAGE to face our fears and embrace the discomfort that surfaces, just on the other side of that “pain” is the most beautiful, eye-opening, TRANSFORMATION that you can ever imagine!

Don’t stop ~It WILL be worth it!