About Us:

From "Fearful Underachiever" to "Badass Mama Bear" on a Mission...

My name is Regina Olive and I am the Owner/Founder of We Can, We Will, We Must, a Holistic Wellness company built with a strong focus on Positive Mindset, Effective Communication, Physical Health, Law of Attraction, and Energy Work.

Here at We Can, We Will, We Must nurturing your Mind, Body, AND Spirit is my #1 priority, as I truly believe that when the 3 are functioning in balance with one another there is no limit to what one can Dream and "Achieve".

My ultimate goal when assisting those who are interested in making Positive changes in their life is to help them to “wake up” to their full potential and the POWER that lies within when we are called to search deeply for it.

I started this company in 2016 after going through my own profound metamorphosis from “Fearful Underachiever” to a "Badass Mama Bear" who is DEVOTED to my personal journey of GROWTH and being a proper Example for my son to lookup to.

While I have always been able to appreciate my Evolution throughout the stages of my life, I believe my most significant and accelerated transformation began in 2014 with my decision to have a child.

In preparation to become the best mother that I could be, I have chosen a life of full sobriety, released 40 pounds of unwanted weight, hired my first Life Coach to help me release and clear decades of negative programming, and started my own business.

What was the MOST significant change through all of this??


It truly has the ability to "make" or "break" a person...


I have experienced innumerable mental and energetic shifts which has led me to a life full of awareness and deep understanding.

My journey is far from over...

Everyday I seem to learn something new about myself and I'm so excited to help you do the same!

My core MISSION in building this business is to ELEVATE HUMANITY  by EMPOWERING others to: 

  1. Find the COURAGE to do the DEEP WORK necessary for lasting change.
  2. SHIFT their Energy & Mindset by remembering to FOCUS on the Positive.
  3. RECOGNIZE the "Dichotomy of Life" by becoming keenly aware of the vast differences between our Human Mind and the Spirit that resides within.

I want Everyone to understand that we ALL have the power to Co-Create a life of PEACE, FREEDOM, and JOY for ourselves!

PEACE in understanding that Life is ALWAYS happening FOR us and NEVER "to us"~

FREEDOM in the sense that we do not have to be bound and conform to what society says that we “should be” but rather have the ability to REMEMBER and act as the person that we were CREATED TO BE~

JOY in noticing every "Present moment"  while feeling into ALIGNMENT with “Source Energy” and the desires of our highest Self. 

I believe that by fostering Self-Love, Self-Acceptance and Healthy Parent-Child relationships we CAN and WILL transform the world into a kinder, gentler place to live.

You ARE WORTHY of EVERYTHING that you desire! 

It's time that you Believe....Deeply.

Welcome home.

Let's do this!